Best portable monitors | 20 Best USB Portable Monitors List of 2018

ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor

Why you are searching for best portable monitors, Are you a Professional and have multiple jobs to do? Has working on your laptop become hectic by switching between the tabs and windows?

Then you might be so worried because, when you have to do so many tasks then a person can’t cope with this burden anymore.

Portable Monitors or Smart Display is a wireless touch screen display device in development at Microsoft. The Smart Display is basically a portable PC monitor that can be carried from room to room in your house, connecting via wireless to your computer for web-surfing and other activities that require little or no keyboard activity.

If you are thinking of buying another laptop or any of the Best Portable Monitors because you can’t cope with the burden, so that’s wise decision. Your presence here shows that you want something in monitors which are movable and easy to carry. In today’s world it is not impossible to have something that offers portability, have a look at Monitor buying guide if you want to pick something worth the money.


As We All Know! Technology is progressing with leaps and bounds bringing new innovations for your ease and accessibility. Those monitors which can be used while traveling is one such innovation that is most demanding in the market.

Now professional workers who are jet lagged behind using multiple windows can simply plug these Best portable HDMI monitors in through USB ports or HDMI and enjoys the pleasure of working on two screens at one time.



With a new innovation in the market, all the competing companies try to produce the best product, with altered features and specifications, so the decision to choose the best among them is not easy. Like if we think about games all day long, then we also urge to buy such laptops which prove best for gaming purposes.

Here you will find all products that have been reviewed, researched and compared based on brands, features, and capabilities. The most comprehensive buying guide you won’t find anywhere; right here for you.

Here you will find the Best Portable Monitor to buy in 2018!

Have a look below!


List of 20 Best Portable Monitors in 2018:

1: ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor (Our Choice)

ASUS MB169B Portable MonitorKey Specifications of ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor :

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  • Screen Size: 15.6 in
  • Display Type: LED
  • Item Dimensions: 17.2 x 2.3 x 11.7 in
  • Item Weight: 1.76 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Size: 15.6-Inch


Description of ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor:

Since ASUS Company has brought great monitors in the market so the position of their best product must be on 1st position. This is the upgraded version of ASUS MB168 so It’s obvious that specifications of this best portable monitors must be advanced too.

Up till now, the ASUS has presented the portable USB monitor in the resolution of 1366×768 pixels, but MB169B has 1920×1080 pixels. It provides you best and necessary features at an affordable price.

ASUS MB169B is the 15.6-inch portable Screen for a laptop which requires no high power for its functioning. Although it works quite low with the wide viewing angle still provides the best performance in the response timings with other peripherals. Design, features, and performance in detail will make your mind clear about its qualities and specifications so that you will find it easy to buy. It comes with a smart case, support CD, manual and 3.0 USB cable attached to the box along with the monitor.

Design, Performance and Features of ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor

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  • Accompanied by multi-frame software, Ezlink, and a CD ROM.
  • ASUS smart case helps auto rotation as landscape mode directly changes in to portrait upon movement when not locked.
  • Inbuilt two speakers arrangement which provides high performance
  • Compatible with Macintosh and windows.
  • IPS Technology implemented.
  • Flexible, dual way adjustment and space-saving stand are accompanied is a plus.
  • The contrast ratio is 600:1, no ghosting effect



PROS of ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor

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  • Uses little power for functioning
  • Great response time.
  • The accuracy of color variation is high.
  • Speakers embedded by default.
  • Awesome portability due to its handy size and lightweight.

CONS of ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor

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  • Few people faced its extra color quality just fair.[/tie_list]


[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]ASUS MB169B Portable Monitor overall Conclusion: 

It works best with the 65 degrees left to right, but due to its non-glossy appearance, reflections will be viewed at 90 degrees. However, the accuracy of colors is quite noticeable. Overall it’s a right choice to be made for buying the best HD monitors. [/box]

2: ASUS Portable Monitor MB168 15.6 Portable Monitor

Key Specifications of ASUS MB168 15.6 Portable Monitor:

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  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 1366 x 768
  • Screen Size: 15.6 in
  • Display Type: LED
  • Item Dimensions: 9.3 x 14.9 x 0.3 in
  • Item Weight: 1.76 lbs
  • Size: 15.6-Inch

 Check ASUS MB168 15.6 Portable Monitor’s Price on Amazon

Review and Description of ASUS Portable MB168 15.6 Monitor:

The 2nd best that comes in the list is ASUS Portable monitor MB168 15.6” WXGA 1366×768 USB Powered Monitor. It is an HD monitor and the best thing is it requires just one USB Cable for both power and data transmission.

MB168B comes with ASUS EzLink technology that offloads graphics processing from the PC to dedicated hardware in the monitor. As a result, your laptop can drive up to five MB168B monitors at the same time, regardless of its own graphics capability provided that it just needs sufficient USB ports. EzLink also automatically restores application window positions as MB168B is connected and disconnected, and automatically rotates the image between landscape and portrait modes, as required.

It has a set of exemplary qualities, let’s have a look at them.

Design, Performance and Features of ASUS Portable MB168 15.6 Monitor

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  • It provides 1920 x 1080 resolution which is not only awe-inspiring for watching full HD movies but also gives a boost to your productivity work.
  • Besides these this USB powered portable monitor also features a 500:1 contrast ratio to display rich colors and realistic photos and videos. As well as a 0.252mm pixel pitch that shows detailed text and graphics. You can also view best Graphics Cards. No doubt it gives you the amazing experience of fast and fluid graphics from your connected device that makes having an on-the-go multi-display setup a reality.
  • As well as a 0.252mm pixel pitch that shows detailed text and graphics.
  • No doubt it gives you the amazing experience of fast, fluid images from your connected device that makes having an on-the-go multi-display setup a reality.


PROS of ASUS MB168 15.6 Portable Monitor

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  • Requires just one USB Cable for both power and data transmission.
  • Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080.
  • Backward-compatible with a laptop or desktop PC USB 2.0 port.
  • Auto adjustability to light.
  • Comes with three year warranty

CONS of ASUS Portable MB168 15.6 Monitor

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  • Bundled USB cable too short, comes loose.
  • Sometimes requires two USB ports.


[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””] ASUS Portable MB168 15.6 Monitor overall Conclusion: 

The best thing about This USB powered monitor is that it adjusts automatically to the current lighting conditions. It is provided with a built-in ambient light sensor that smartly detects the current lighting condition and adjusts the screen as needed for the best viewing possible. And in addition to this, the portable monitor has come with another astounding feature i.e. it automatically adjusts to the orientation that you have the screen set at – either portrait or landscape. [/box]



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