Top 10 Best Queen Mattress under 1000 Reviews

(0) bring the best Reviews and buying link for our visitors. It is very difficult to decide which type of queen mattress or simple mattress is best suited for anyone. You will have to consider many factors before purchasing the mattress. You might need to select them based on your sleeping position, the pressure relief features and also the type of material if you are allergic to some. This queen size mattress is an evergreen choice and is suitable for couples and also individuals who prefer extra space. Here we will discuss Top 10 Best Queen Mattress under 1000 in detail with pros and cons of each mattress and also give a proper link where you can buy your desire queen mattress without going to other scam sites.

Is it possible to find a good queen size mattress under 1000 dollars?

Yes, no doubt that there are good, high-quality brands of queen size bed mattresses available in the market (there are quite a few king size mattresses under 1000 as well). Some companies are able to offer these mattresses at an affordable price by making the mattresses with newer technologies and materials. This reduces the burden in your pocket and you can definitely have a clear mind of spending a few dollars to obtain the best mattress to suit your needs that will come handy in the long run. Check out our complete guide about the best mattresses under 200.

What are the different aspects that need to be considered before buying a queen size mattress?

Selecting a mattress that satisfies all your requirements is a strenuous job. But there are a few characteristics that you can specifically look out for while buying them which reduces your shopping time as well.  These characteristics include durability, comfort, firmness, ease of transportation and storage, weight handling capacity, thermal regulation property, natural fire resistance capability, warranty, conformability, low VOC emission and off-gassing and the presence hypoallergenic materials in the mattress. These factors are generally considered to be the ‘deciding factors’ for the sales and demand of any mattress.

Types of queen-sized mattresses

The queen size mattresses can be broadly classified into five different categories that include the hybrid, innerspring, latex, memory foam, and gel. These types, although seem to be the same, are slightly different in the functionalitiesTop 10 Best Queen Mattress under 1000 that make them unique in the selling aspects and are thus available under 1000 dollars.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam can conform to your body. It is capable of deforming itself according to your sleeping position and body temperature. Though its nature is to function as a heat trap, the heat regulation is achieved by using a breathable cover and soft layer on either side of the foam to increase the airflow through the memory foam. This also offers a good motion transfer control. These mattresses have a thick layer of memory foam that resists the wear effects and sagging thus eliminating the need of flipping it over. This also offers adequate support, durability and is hypoallergenic.

Gel mattress

In these mattresses, the gel beads are infused in the memory foam layer to increase heat dissipation characteristics. Also called a gel memory foam mattress, this also acts as an upholstery layer that offers you a slightly different feel compared to the conventional memory foam mattresses. The temperature dissipation works only for the initial few days and the foam starts feeling warm thereafter. Offering orthopedic support, this aligns your spine when you sleep with your back. They are free from mites and thus save you from allergies.

Latex mattress

Instead of a conventional memory foam, a layer of latex is used. This type of mattress is generally biodegradable and is infused with natural wool that acts as a fire barrier. They are naturally allergen free and last longer. These mattresses accommodate varying levels of firmness and different sleeping positions, thereby reducing pressure points in your body. Though these mattresses are naturally porous to increase air circulation to keep the surface cool, the only disadvantage is the marginally high cost. These bioproducts are generally costly than synthetic Top 15 Best queen mattresses under 1000 in 2018counterparts.

Innerspring mattress

Also called as coil mattresses, these utilize metal springs for better edge support and bounciness. The number and distribution of the coils determine the conformability and the quality of back support offered by the mattress. Due to an exceptional orthopedic support offered, this is mainly suited for back and stomach sleepers. Though these mattresses are advantageous on one hand, they are subjected to more wear, low motion transfer and prone to dust mites that flourish in the layers beneath. Hence constant maintenance is required to keep it mite-free.

Hybrid mattress

The hybrid mattress is a mixture of the innerspring mattress and a latex/memory foam mattress. This blend is suitable for people who look out for mattresses that have the quality of both types. Due to this fusion, the longevity and motion transfer control of this type of mattress is typically higher than that of the coil mattress.  These mattresses offer a noiseless performance suitable for couples and are great at keeping motion isolation and cool sleep surface. Problems associated with this type are off-gassing and the weight of the mattress.

Thorough research has led us to select a few queen size mattresses under 1000 that are from the best companies in the market. These mattresses do not compromise on the functions, quality, and performance for the cost. The detailed review for each of these products is as given below.





1. Serta Perfect Sleeper Firm 700 Memory Foam Mattress, Queen
Measures 80 inches x 60 inches x 12 inches $$$ 4.9
2. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress
No Fire Retardant Chemicals or Barrier Cloths $$$ 4.8
3. Ghostbed Mattress
20-year warranty $$$ 4.7
4. Casper Sleep Mattress
up to 72 hours for mattress $$$ 4.6
5. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress, Queen
breathability layered on top of 6.5 inches $$$ 4.6
6. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress
PEFC Certified sustainable wood $$$ 4.5
7. Sealy Response Premium 14-Inch
Clear lacquer coat for extra protection of the wood $$$ 4.5
8. Lull Queen Mattress
Constructed of hardwood solids and engineered wood $$$ 4.4
9.Leesa Mattress Padded linen fabric upholstered headboard $$$ 4.3
10. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Firm Foam Mattress
Low profile footboard ensures sturdy mattress support $$$ 4.2

1. Serta Perfect Sleeper Firm 700 Memory Foam Mattress

The top contender for the best queen-sized mattresses under 1000 is the Serta Perfect Sleeper Firm 700 memory  Serta Perfect Sleeper Firm 700 Memory Foam Mattressfoam mattress. The following are the reasons why it is the best seller.

Design and Materials

The mattress is designed to solve five common sleep problems and thus a tri-layer design is conceptualized. The three layers are the memory foam, gel memory foam and foam core with an encasement. The first layer or the Evercool plus memory foam features the open cell structure, enhancing the airflow while reducing the pressure points at the same time. The Cool Action gel memory foam that forms the second layer is an original foam of Serta’s that is infused with several gel beads. This unique blending helps to reduce pressure points and offers relief apart from targeting maximum support and thermal regulation.

The Comfort Last foam core with Ultimate Edge encasement forms the third layer. This layer is durable and provides an upper body support and spine alignment. In other words, this is the base of the mattress and is thus compatible with Serta’s adjustable foundations. The materials used are hypoallergenic and are free from chemical compounds that can cause potential skin irritations.


This queen-sized bed is aligned more towards the firm side of the scale and thus offers a stable back support to reduce the hip and back aches. The typical sleep problems such as tossing and turning, impact, sagging, uneven temperature and edge roll-off can be dealt with, with just one solution which is the Serta Perfect Sleeper Firm 700 memory foam mattress. The design of the mattress allows maximized air flow that helps to regulate the temperature of the mattress by ducting the heat away to the surroundings that ensure that the sleeper has an optimum temperature to sleep at.

As far as tagging is concerned, the mattress can be flipped from head-to-toe once in a while to even out the phenomenon of wear with time. This mattress also features an extra deep layer of soft foam that is supportive and cradles your body. This ensures that you are tucked in for a sound sleep. The mattress requires a Queen foundation or a platform bed to complete the set.


  • Excellent edge support
  • Better thermal regulation
  • A durable mattress that offers a single solution to several problems


  • Cost is marginally high compared to other mattresses in the market.

Thus this Queen sized mattress is a must-buy for people who value performance and quality for the money spent.

2. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

The second most preferred mattress in the market is the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress. Here is why the second Pure Green Natural Latex Mattressmajority of customers opt for this.

Design and materials

A 6-inch layer of Pure Green 100% natural latex foam is at the base of the mattress. This 6-inch base layer offers a very supportive, strong and durable base. A soft 2-inch comfort layer of Pure Green 100% natural latex foam above the base combines with it to provide a mattress which is supportive and comfortable at the same time. In order to offer extra height and comfort, an inch of wool is quilted over the second layer as a mattress cover. This wool cover acts as a natural fire barrier.

The usage of wool as a fire retardant eliminates the need for chemical retardants that cause skin irritation. These naturally sourced materials are hypoallergenic and are safe for human use. Also unlike synthetic mattress, these mattresses are biodegradable and are thus safe for the environment as they do not cause a problem of disposal.


The wool and cotton backing naturally improves cool air circulation due to its porous nature. This wool backs the durability of cotton and offers an overall desirable service life. These materials help to regulate the body temperature to keep the condition optimum for sleeping. Though this mattress is subjected to consistent wear over time due to the natural materials, occasional flipping can help even out the effects of wear. This natural latex queen mattress has a medium firmness and that offers optimal orthopedic support.

The use of such natural materials eventually let you sink into the firm base and slightly causes a few pressure points to pop up. Thus it offers a very low-pressure relief feature. The mattress offers a really good bounce that rocks you to a good sleep. Designed to support side and stomach sleepers, this mattress also reduces the motion transfer to your partner and thus safeguards them from disturbances. This mattress has received a gold certificate from GREENGUARD and also meets the stringent textile emission and federal fire regulation norms.


  • Commendable motion isolation
  • Good springiness
  • No noise
  • Certified safe, biodegradable and fire retardant mattress


  • Poor edge support

Thus the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress, designed to pinpoint elastic support and accommodate every sleeping position, is best suited to eco-friendly couples.

3. Ghostbed Mattress

The third best buy in the market is the Ghostbed Queen size mattress. Here are the reasons why it is in the top three.Ghostbed Mattress

Design and Materials

The three-layer design used by this company on this mattress is commendable. The 1.5-inch aerated push latex tops the layers. A material that quickly responds to pressure, this latex does a decent job of keeping the sleep condition cool by dissipating the heat away. Additionally to increase airflow for better thermal regulation this layer has been aerated to enhance breathability. The cover of the material is made with a blend of viscose and polyester, which is pretty elastic and hence fits the entire queen size mattress.

The second layer is the gel memory foam that is 2 inches in thickness. This layer consists of gel infused in a conventional memory foam material. In addition to offering pressure relief, this layer allows the sleeper to sink in and provides contouring to your body. The final layer is the 7.5-inch high-density poly foam that imparts durability and support to the mattress.  These hypoallergenic materials safeguard you from irritations.


This queen size mattress cover can be easily removed and washed with a light detergent or soap to remove any coffee or food stain. Harsh chemicals tend to degrade the natural latex layer beneath and hence they need to be avoided. This mattress comes in a vacuum sealed packaging. Also, it takes a short time to completely expand and adjust to your room’s conditions. The mattress offers a peaceful and calm sleep that makes you feel free from aches and pain.

The soft latex layer lets you sink in and interact with the memory foam to offer contouring and orthopedic support to your body. This moderately firm mattress is best suited for stomach and back sleeping couples as it reduces motion transfer, keeping the other disturbance-free as one rolls in the bed. This mattress comes with a 100–night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty that is pretty much the portrayal of their confidence in the durability, service life and performance of the mattress.


  • Excellent edge support
  • Commendable thermal regulation
  • Hypoallergenic construction


  • Motion transfer slightly lesser than expected

Thus the GhostBed is best suited for stomach or back sleepers who are in need of a foam mattress with a firm side.

4. Casper Sleep Mattress

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Scientifically engineered for your best sleep, this mattress is preferred by athletes for the following reasons.Casper Sleep Mattress

Design and materials

Made up of a soft polyester blend, the cover is tight and snaps back into its position rapidly. It is also fitted with a zipper to be easily removed and washed along with the rest of the bedding. A latex like foam material forms the comfort layer to provide an immediate bounce. It allows the sleeper to sink in while quickly responding to pressure and regulating the temperature.

Offering a contouring feeling to the sleeper while extending pressure relief at the same time, a section of this memory foam is used as the contour layer. The zoned support is made up of durable poly foam with a firm layer situated between the soft layers on either side.  The mattress is given its structure with the help of a thick high-density poly foam. Thus this 4 layer construction helps the user to sleep peacefully while keeping him/her free from allergies due to its hypoallergenic properties.


An open cell top layer design is used to remove heat from the body with the principles of conduction and convection while the memory foam layer increases the airflow to duct heat to keep you comfortable and cool. The pressure points are supported by the high-density memory foam. This allows you to rest well while aligning your backbone in position. Offering a great edge support, this mattress it comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10 -year industry standard warranty.

The durability of the mattress is offered by the base layer. You can flip it once in a while to ensure that the mattress wears evenly with time so as to increase its service life and also to minimize the early setting of sagging and its effects. This mattress takes 72 hours to fully expand and allow any chemical off-gassing to take place if present. The mattress is suitable for couples who prefer a fairly undisturbed sleep. This is achieved by the moderate motion transfer control offered by this mattress.


  • Great deal for value seekers
  • Excellent orthopedic support
  • Good hypoallergenic properties


  • Motion transfer control is slightly less than expected

To conclude, the Casper Sleep Mattress is the best choice for everyone who is in search of a cool, cheap and stable mattress to sleep on.

5. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress

Another best buy from Classic Brands, the Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress is one of the best for the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattressfollowing reasons.

Design and Materials

The mattress is conceptualized using a three-layer design. The cover is made with a 36-10-54 composition blend of rayon/spandex/polyester. These materials, not only aid in maintaining a thin and elastic nature of the cover but also help to increase the wash-ability of the cover. The top layer consists of a 2-inch gel memory foam. This is designed to offer the initial level of comfort for the sleeper and also provide contouring to your body. A slightly porous nature helps to maximize airflow and regulate the temperature better which maintains a cooler sleeping surface.

The transition layer is a 2-inch polyurethane foam that keeps the transition from the top to bottom layers smooth. In addition to this, it also offers support to the spine of the sleepers to protect them from back pain. This also functions by allowing a moderate and cozy sink in. The final and supportive base layer is formed with the help of a 6.5-inch foam that assists in maintaining the shape of the mattress and offers a deep compression along with support.


Offering a slightly firm to firm feel, this queen mattress sustains this to an average build of the body. The support varies depending on the sleeping position and your body weight. The combination of the softness of the top layer and firmness of the base layer enable stomach sleepers to have a sound sleep and is specially designed for them. This also comes with an adjustable base.

Although the mattress allows a sink in after an initial float feel, the degree to which it occurs is less and thus the sleeper can be assured of an average edge support as well. Since the mattress is made up of memory foam a relatively low bounce, response time and motion control form inseparable features of this mattress too. On the contrary, the mattress defies its basic characteristic in the area of heat regulation. Instead of creating hot spots and retaining temperatures, this mattress offers a better dissipation of heat, through the usage of porous cover and top layer.


  • Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties are commendable
  • Less off-gassing
  • Meets CertiPur-US norms for standard performance


  • A bit too firm with average motion transfer control

A well-ventilated mattress that ensures a great thermal regulation, this is best suited for people who want a cool and sound sleep for the night.

6. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress

A value-for-money product, here is what you need to know about the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress.Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Design and Materials

The notable feature of Layla Mattress’s design is the infusion of copper to the cooling system. This helps in maintaining a cool, supportive, clean and deep compression sleep. The mattress comes with two firmness levels that give you a chance to flip the mattress to experience the same firmness on either side and also to prevent sagging. A 3-inch copper memory foam forms the top layer that offers a rapid heat regulation along with offering a low to medium soft comfort.

The 2-inch convoluted support foam maximizes the flow of air into the mattress, thereby ducting away the heat to the surroundings. This allows you to sleep on a relatively cooler surface. The base support foam is supported by a second foam layer that offers a deep compression comfort. Finally, another copper layer which is an inch thick tops these layers to assist additional thermal regulation. This anti-microbial material safeguards your skin from allergies and irritations in addition to offering additional firm support.


The Layla Mattress is delivered right at the doorstep for the convenience of the customer. It is compressed, wrapped rolled, and boxed. The mattress is hypoallergenic, has no off-gassing and it can easily be unrolled on your bed. Once the wrapping has been removed, the Layla tends to expand within a few minutes. Offering a commendable pressure relief, the soft comfort layer allows the sleeper to sink in thereby restricting the disturbance only around the point of impact.

The increased airflow is achieved with a convoluted and egg crate design. This especially has been conceptualized for better thermal regulation. Compatible with a solid platform, box spring, slatted base or adjustable box, the mattress is infused with an innovative thermo-gel technology which reacts to your body temperature to prevent it from getting too warm at night.

The thick layer of memory foam is an added advantage for side and stomach sleepers as it offers orthopedic support and helps to remove pressure points to remove pain. The longest 120-night trial is risk-free and allows the customers to test it and change the mattress as required.


    • Comfortable and cozy feel
    • Less off-gassing
    • Longest trial period


  • Flipping the mattress becomes tedious for a single person.

To conclude, this mattress is a value-added product that offers a great durability and performance for the money spent.

7. Sealy Response Premium 14-Inch

A mattress utilizing Posturepedic technology, the Sealy response premium mattress is opted by several customers for Sealy Response Premium 14-Inchthe following reasons.

Design and Materials

The construction of the mattress is of the following levels. The top layer consists of a zoned support that is reinforced to support the heaviest body part of yours. The SealyCool gel memory foam forms the conforming layer that offers a flexible and durable support. This layer contours around your body to offer a nice tuck in.

A better edge support compared to it counterparts is offered by using a DuraFlex system that incorporates high-density coil border. This increases the sleeping surface and increases the service life of the mattress. The adjustable base is specially designed so that it is compatible with most platforms. The  MoistureProtect and AllergenProtect technologies are used in the cover to wick moisture off your body to keep you cool and at the same time protecting you from potential skin allergies due to chemical compounds and bacteria.


This queen size mattress is a blend of 40-60 polyester and cotton that allows better thermal regulation. The porous nature of cotton offers a better and maximized flow of air to keep the sleeping surface cool at all times. This prevents the mattress from functioning as a heat trap. The response pro encased coil system reduces motion to transfer to a great extent, keeping you and your partner free from disturbance when either of you turns around and create a little bounce. The firmness is moderate, which allows the mattress to provide an orthopedic support, keeping your spine aligned at all times. This mattress has been designed specifically for back sleepers and can accommodate other sleeping positions as well.

The mattress has just the right amount of firmness to identify pressure points and reduce them so as to offer an enhanced pressure relief. Thus this mattress does a fairly good job of reducing back and hip aches. The mattress is provided with a soft layer on only one side and hence it is unnecessary to flip the mattress. Thus the wear increases with use, though the service life seems pretty fair. The chemical off-gassing is also very less or even negligible in the Sealy Response Premium.

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  • Cotton made mattress increases heat dissipation
  • Cheap mattress available for a good pressure relief and maximized motion control


  • Average service life and durability

To conclude the Sealy Response Performance is a localized performing bed mattress that offers a better edge support even though it is not a value-to-money product.

8. Lull Queen Mattress

A therapeutic memory foam mattress here is why it is best suited for people with a pain in the spine.Lull Queen Mattress

Design and materials

Made up of 90-10 polyester/rayon, 64-36 polypropylene/polyester, and 38-31-28-3 barrier coating/ rayon/ polyester /twaron proportions on the top, side and bottom covers, the Lull Queen mattress is specially designed to offer an optimum level of comfort for therapeutic sleep.  This imported mattress has a premium gel-infused technology incorporated in it that helps to keep the sleeping surface cool by dissipating the heat away. This enhances the thermal regulation characteristic of the mattress.

In addition to allowing airflow to keep your body cool, this top layer also contours your body to offer a nice tuck in. The proprietary foam layer creates an ideal alignment and supports your body weight so that you can rest easy. The durable base layer offers a unique sleep experience. This three-layer technology offers the optimal and preferred combination of comfort and support that holds your back strong.


The premium construction using high-quality and heat dissipating materials increases the service life of the Queen mattress. This certiPUR-US certified foam mattress is also hypoallergenic which means that it is free from dust and chemicals that are potentially harmful to your skin, causing irritations. The 10-year warranty that comes with this product is an example of how much they are confident about the performance of this mattress. The commendable pressure regulation offered by the mattress ensures an undisturbed sleep for your partner even though you tend to roll sideways in your sleep.

With a 4.9 on 5 marking on Google trusted rating, this Queen size mattress is highly opted for by the customers due to the reduced sagging and increased durability. The company provides a risk-free 100-night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment. Unlike a few of its competitors, this mattress offers a little sink in to provide a sound sleep. A perfect choice for couples, this mattress offers a noiseless performance even though it slacks a bit in the edge support.


  • A perfect level of firmness and stability for back and stomach sleepers
  • Commendable motion isolation
  • Supports spine and relieves pressure at an affordable price


  • Low edge support
  • Not very suitable for heavy people

To conclude. this mattress is best suited for those who complain about frequent back pain as it offers the best orthopedic support that keeps your spine healthy.

9. Leesa Mattress

This flagship mattress from Leesa has been the top preference for many people due to the following reasons.Leesa Mattress

Design and Materials

The cover is made of a polyester blend that is breathable and allows an enhanced airflow to keep the surface cool for sleeping. This can also be easily removed, which allows it to be cleaned from stains using a mild detergent. A 2-inch Avena foam is created with a convoluted design to increase the heat dissipation capacity. It also allows you to change positions without any interference.

The middle layer is a 2-inch thick memory foam that offers pressure relieving benefits when you sleep on the memory foam. A high-density poly foam that is 6 inch in thickness that acts a foundation to the mattress and offers it the shape and support. Made with hypoallergenic materials, this mattress protects you from skin allergies and infections.


The Avena foam, which is an alternative to latex, offers a quick response and springiness. When you completely let yourself sink in, the mattress contours your body.  The Leesa Queen does a commendable job of distributing your body weight evenly on the surface hence offering a low pressure on your body. This ensures that the pressure at all points on your body is the same thus relieving you from pain. For couples who tend to roll in their mattress, this queen size mattress offers a good motion control that provides you and your partner with an undisturbed sleep. The sink-age is adequate enough to contour your body.

Due to the usage of the coil, the mattress offers an excellent edge support that secures you and prevents you from falling off. The Leesa mattress has a 100-night risk free trial period which allows you to return it if you are not satisfied with its performance. Manufactured in the USA this comes with a 10-year warranty which reflects the company’s confidence in the durability and performance it offers. Sagging in this model can be reduced by flipping it head-to-toe once every three months to even out the effect of wear with time.


  • Strong pressure relief
  • Great value-to-money


  • Pretty firm for side sleepers
  • Off-gassing is quite predominant

Ideal for back sleepers this mattress is a medium luxury queen mattress that offers plenty of bounce and response for a good night’s sleep.

10. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Firm Foam Mattress

Another great offering by Sealy is the Cocoon. Let us look at the reasons why it is preferred by many people.Cocoon by Sealy Chill Firm Foam Mattress

Design and Materials

Like its other products, Sealy has infused Posturepedic technology in this mattress too. This mattress has a four-layered construction as follows. The cover is made up of a polyester material that is infused with a proprietary phase change material that helps to absorb and dissipate the heat from the sleeping surface to keep it cool. The breathable cover can also be easily removed and washed. The comfort layer is split into two. The first is made of a 2-inch memory foam that adapts to the body size and offers a contour while the second layer can be personalized for the support and feel that you require.

The structure of the mattress is maintained by the base layer that is made up of an essential support foam. Engineered to be more robust, durable and resilient, this foam bounces back every time and offers a firmer feel overall. These materials are hypoallergenic and thus you can be sure that you won’t be bothered by allergies and irritations.


This queen size mattress lives up to its name by offering medium firmness like all other Sealy products. This allows you to sink in slightly and offer a quick transition to the base layer. The bounce offered is also pretty decent that allows you to adjust your position by offering a good support. This mattress is designed to support back and stomach sleepers. As far as side sleepers are concerned, pressure points on the shoulders and hips are not effectively removed and will not be suitable for them.

The Cocoon queen is best suited to couples who like to toss around the bed and offer a good motion transfer control that enables them to have an undisturbed sleep. Adequate edge support is offered that prevents you from rolling out of bed and falling down. Measuring 79.5″ x 60″ x 10″, this mattress comes with a 10 year warranty period which is a perfect example of how well this mattress functions.


  • Personalized dual firmness option
  • Commendable motion isolation
  • Available at a cheaper rate compared to its competitors


  • Not suitable for firm sleepers

A cheaply priced queen mattress that exhibits an excellent heat dissipation property, this is best suited for those couples who prefer a noiseless performance.

Muse Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattressreasons.

Design and Materials

The cover, made of polyethylene, aids in regulating surface temperature by absorbing the ambient room temperature, which is generally cooler than the body.  This assists to offset the heat transfer from your body to the surface of the mattress, thereby creating a cooler sleep environment.  It has got a soft and stretchy feel to and is also removable, which allows you to wash with the rest of your bedding. The gel infused memory foam comfort layer slowly responds to pressure and offers to contour to your body.

Extension to the contouring of body parts is offered by the second contouring layer that allows you to sink in further into the mattress. The high-density poly foam forms the base layer that offers the mattress with its shape and structure. It also functions as a secure landing pad for the layers above it. These layers are made of hypoallergenic materials that are bacteria and microbes free, thus protecting you from allergies.


The moderate firmness offered by the mattress is suitable for side sleepers who doze off in several positions. This helps to reduce the pressure points on your shoulders and hips, thereby relieving them. For those who share your bed with your partner, this mattress offers the best motion transfer control among all the best queen mattresses available in the market. This ensures that you can toss and turn all you want without disturbing each other’s sleep. The highly breathable mattress can be cleaned with a mild detergent to remove coffee stains.

This mattress also offers a good edge control that prevents you from rolling off the bed.  Manufactured in the USA,  this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and is harmless as it has the lowest VOC emission. The 120-night risk-free trial allows you to test the performance of this mattress. The performance and durability are truly visible from the 10 year warranty period. The zipper fixed cover can be easily removed and washed with your bedding.


  • Excellent motion control
  • Affordable price for a high performing mattress
  • Offers better thermal regulation


  • Slightly strong new mattress smell

Designed to offer the best features of any mattress the Muse out-performs other competitors that are best suited to families that prefer a high value-to-cost product.

14. Brooklyn Signature 11″ Hybrid Mattress

One among the best mattresses is the hybrid memory foam from Brooklyn bedding. Here’s why it is the best seller.Brooklyn Signature 11″ Hybrid Mattress

Design and Materials

The patented hyper-elastic foam, called the Titanflex, forms the top layer. This is infused with an immediate response technology that adjusts your body every time you roll around. The added titanium gel helps to promote cooling along with an antibacterial sleeping environment. The second layer of Titanflex is used to minimize sleep disturbance.

The 6-inch ascension pocketed coils is an engineered layer that consists of up to 1024 individually pocketed coils allow for exceptional motion isolation and reactivity. The high-density foam base enhances the structural integrity of individually pocketed coils. These breathable materials are used to reduce the surface temperature to enable a good night’s sleep for the sleeper. These hypoallergenic materials protect you from skin irritations and allergies.


The mattress offers comfort, cooling, support, durability, and value in three cozy levels to fit your individual sleep style. A firm mattress by nature, this is suitable for you if you prefer not to sink deeply into your mattress. This offers additional lumbar support or a smoother, flatter surface for sleeping if you sleep mainly on your stomach or back. The foam is Certi-Pur US certified and meets the highest standards for quality which means that this mattress is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The mattress is compressed and rolled into a 19″ x 19″ x 45″ box and shipped directly to your door. A 10 Year Warranty clearly depicts the performance quality of the queen mattress and is proudly made in the USA. A perfect blend of materials offers a good motion isolation for you to toss around in your bed. The excellent body contouring is achieved at the edges that prevent you from falling off the bed. Featuring the anti-skid technology on the bottom of the mattress, you will never have to worry about the mattress sliding around.


  • Chemical compound free
  • Good edge support
  • Decent heat regulation


  • Little off-gassing
  • Motion isolation less than expected

Thus the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress is best suited for those who are in need of a perfect sleep companion that offers a hassle-free and comfortable sleep.

Top 10 Best Queen Mattress under 1000 Reviews and buying a guide, Top Best Mattress under 1000 reddit reviews and Buying Guide

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